RiderCourses Benefits

Traffic-safety experts and motorcyclists widely acknowledge the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's RiderCourse as the best introduction to motorcycling anywhere in the world. Over one and a half million motorcyclists have graduated from a RiderCourse. M.T.O.F.I. offers the premier MSF RiderCourse for your participation! Shouldn't you benefit from this elite Rider Education opportunity? Here are just some of the benefits:

Greater Confidence 
One RiderCourse graduate summed it up: "It is scary to imagine going on the road without having participated in the RiderCourse."

Improved Skills 
Here's a comment from another graduate: "I have become more defensive and observant, not only while riding a motorcycle but also when driving an automobile." 

Licensing-Test Waivers 
Most states waive some portion of your motorcycle-endorsement test if you've completed a RiderCourse

Insurance Discounts 
Many insurance companies offer discounts on motorcycle premiums to students who have successfully completed a RiderCourse. Contact your insurance agent. 

Discounts on Course Fees 
Course fees vary from state to state and from program to program; some are free to the student or greatly reduced, thanks to special fees collected through licensing and motorcycle registration. Some motorcycle distributors and brand-sponsored clubs will reimburse all or part of your tuition. Also, many insurance companies offer premium discounts to RiderCourse graduates.

Support for Enthusiast Groups 
MSF staff works closely with the American Motorcyclist Association, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, ABATE, and other enthusiast groups to encourage and support MSF-recognized state motorcycle training programs. 

Base Access for Military Riders 
Completion of the RiderCourse satisfies the requirements of the Department of Defense Instruction regarding motorcycle training for active duty military members and civilians operating a motorcycle on military installations. The RiderCourse also satisfies the training requirement for active duty members operating a motorcycle off of military installations.

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