Questions about School


How much does the course cost?


Depending on the course and location you have signed up for, the cost of the courses are as follows:
BRC: $199.00 (Paid-in-Advance) Orange Pk & Green Cove Springs.
BRC: $224.00 (Paid
-in-Advance) Lake City.


Do I need my own helmet?


No, while having your own well-fitting DOT approved helmet is prefered, we can provide DOT approved helmets for each student.


How can I pay for the course?


Please understand no matter how you pay (check or money order, credit or debit) we will need your Driver License information and a phone number which can be submitted on a pre-registration application.


How do I enroll?

Answer:   Download the application from the website, fill it out. You may call and reserve your seat with VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express;
You may bring your application to class.
Email: hd1480@comcast.net

How will I know if I am scheduled for the Date I selected?


After we have received your payment and registration information by mail we will notify you in writing, by e-mail or by telephone. The Confirmation call will confirm the Dates and Times you should arrive and the equipment you MUST bring with you to the class. Make sure you bring your Driver License to class for identification purposes.


Will I need a Driver's License to enroll?


In the state of Florida, you must hold at least a Class E valid learner license at the time of the class in order to participate in the Basic RiderCourse. If you have any questions in regards to this requirement, or if you hold an out of state drivers license, please contact us. All valid Driver's Licenses will be accepted. You can verify that your license is valid at the following website: Drivers License Check


Where should I arrive after I have signed up?


We will send you an email or give you a call to give directions on where you should arrive. We have a classroom location and a Range location (where the motorcycle riding is done). All students will typically attend the classroom setting first.


How many classes a week do you offer?

Answer: Classes vary, but are held on the weekends at our site.

I've signed up for a class online but have not received confirmation what do I do?


If you have filled out the application and mailed it in and have not received an email or phone call, please feel free to contact us to confirm that we have received your application. We will be glad to discuss the enrollment process with you.


Will I need a Motorcycle for classes at MTOFI Motorcycle school?

Answer: No, motorcycles are provided for training at MTOFI Motorcycle School.

What if I have an inseam of 26" or less?

Answer: You will need to visit our site prior to your enrollment to see if the motorcycle will fit you. Call for details.

What riding gear will I need?


You will need eye protection, long-sleeve shirt and/or jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants and sturdy over-the-ankle footwear. High top or basketball sneakers are allowed but must be over-the-ankle and padded.


What if it rains?

Answer: Classes are held rain or shine. Be prepared for bad weather. Please bring rain gear just in case.

How many hours Is the course?


The course is fifteen hours. Five hours of the course is classroom instruction, the other ten hours is riding time.


Should I pack a lunch?


Students schedule to ride all day may bring a lunch, however a lunch hour is provided. All students may bring snacks and water. A refrigerator is available for small items at the range.


I am under 18 years of age, may I still sign up?


Yes, however we require written/signed permission from a parent or legal Guardian. If you have not taken drivers education for automobiles prior to being 18 you are considered a junior operator and cannot get your license, contact the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles for more details. In the state of Florida, every person must take the Basic RiderCourse in order to earn their motorcycle endorsement on their Florida driverís license. It is our belief that everyone should take this course regardless of age or experience. It is that valuable.


I cannot ride a bicycle very well, can I still take your course?




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