Course Outline - BRC
  Listed below is a short list of some of the topics covered in the BRC course: 
  1. Introduction to motorcycling
  2. Protective gear / What to wear
  3. Controls such as the clutch and brakes
  4. Pre-ride inspection of your motorcycle
  5. Preparing to ride your motorcycle on the class range
  6. Street strategies to avoid trouble and stay safe
  7. Driving and riding impairments such as use of alcohol and drugs
  8. How to maneuver your motorcycle
  9. Avoiding obstacles
  10. Lane changes
  11. Passing
  12. Riding at night
  13. Collision avoidance skills
  14. Swerving
  15. Special situations
  16. Carrying a passenger or cargo
  17. Dealing with tire failure
  18. Dealing with animals
  19. And other topics, all included to increase your motorcycle riding enjoyment and safety.
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