Rescheduling & Refund Policy

If you give more than 5 days notice prior to the class, we will reschedule you at no extra charge. If you give us 5 days or less, we will reschedule you and a one-time rescheduling fee of $107.00 will be assessed. Only one rescheduling fee will be permitted. If no notice is given or you are late on any day of the class, then the total amount of the fee will be forfeited and the full fee will be required to take the course again. Remember, if you are not there, someone else could have taken your scheduled class seat. 

Valid Driver License:

A VALID DRIVER LICENSE is required to take this course. If you register for this course and your driver license is not valid you will not receive credit for completing the course and you will forfeit the fee paid. You can check the status of your driver license at

Refund Policy:

Upon your payment confirmation we will order your materials and schedule the RiderCoach.  Within 5 days of the class, we will reserve the riding range and facilities for the course with the number of confirmed reservations we have at the time.  If additional seats are confirmed after the 5-day period, these seats are immediately scheduled, motorcycles are moved and prepped, and materials for the class are ordered. If you cancel more than 5 days prior, and want a refund, there is a $50.00 administrative processing fee. There is no refund within 5 days of the class without approval from the owner.  The Administrative RiderCoach and Scheduler is prohibited from making such exceptions.

By clicking on the link below you have acknowledged that you have read the statements above and that you understand our refund and rescheduling policies



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